Why just brush when you can get Complete Care. Brushing alone is not enough, even with a high-end Sonic Toothbrush. Waterpik® Complete Care 5.0 combines Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush technologies to create a perfect daily oral care routine.

Waterpik® Complete Care 5.0

SKU: WP-861
    • Water Flosser Benefits
    • Effective Plaque Removal: Removes Up To 99.9% Of Plaque From Treated Areas
    • Healthier Gums: Clinically Proven Up To 50% More Effective For Improving Gum Health Vs. String Floss
    • Ideal For Implants: Clinically Proven Up To 2X As Effective For Improving Gum Health Around Implants Vs. String Floss Using The Plaque Seeker® Tip
    • Essential For Braces: Clinically Proven Up To 3X As Effective For Removing Plaque Around Braces Vs. String Floss Using The Orthodontic Tip
    • Triple Sonic Benefits
    • Removes Stains: Clinically Proven To Remove 9x More Stain Than A Regular Toothbrush.
    • Advanced Brush Head Design With Built-In Tongue Scraper On Brush Head
    • Deluxe Recharge Indicator Display That Provides At-A-Glance Charge Status
    • 3 Sonic Modes
      • Clean Mode For Outstanding Everyday Cleaning Performance
      • Whiten Mode To Gently Remove Surface Stains And Naturally Whiten Teeth
      • Massage Mode For Enhanced Gum Stimulation And Circulation